Speed Surge

Holiday Speed Program

Speed Surge

Holiday Speed Program


Speed Surge is a specialized speed training program designed to boost sprinting performance in athletes of all ages and all sports. This 2-day, high-intensity program, requiring just 20-30 minutes per day, is ideal for the holiday season. It focuses on enhancing sprint speed, developing explosive power, and improving overall running mechanics. The program is structured to keep athletes on track with their speed goals, even when regular training is on pause.

Key Features

2-Day Speed Template

Experience a versatile 2-day speed training template, crafted with variations to create endless speed session possibilities. Each session is expertly designed to target and enhance various aspects of sprint speed.

Instructional Videos

Access easy-to-follow video demonstrations for each speed exercise, ensuring proper technique and safety.

Exercise Descriptions

Receive detailed explanations on how to effectively execute each drill, tailored for optimal performance.

Adaptations for Different Ages

Benefit from carefully tailored modifications to suit varying levels of physical development and experience.

No Equipment Needed

Engage in this highly effective program without the need for any additional equipment.

Highly Effective

Designed to yield significant improvements in speed for athletes of all levels.

Safe and Suitable for All Ages and Levels

A program developed with safety in mind, accommodating athletes from beginners to advanced levels.


No Equipment

Video Based